About Us

Formed in 1938, International Fiscal Association (IFA) is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organization dealing with fiscal matters. With its headquarters in the Netherlands, the main objectives of IFA are the study and advancement of international and comparative fiscal law, as well as the financial and economic aspects of taxation.

Benefits of being member of IFA Hong Kong Branch:

-you join an international neutral, independent & non-profit organisation and as such THE only global network if its kind;

-members are tax lawyers, tax accountants, academics, tax administrations and judges and are based all over the world;

-focus of IFA is less technical but is more focused on international tax policies / comparative fiscal laws;

-its seminars should qualify for CPD points;

-local seminars are free for members, when attending local and global including APAC conferences, a discount for members will apply;

-access to the IFA Cahiers, which are distributed on annual basis and which contain an invaluable source of information of lasting scientific value for any specialist interested in international or comparative fiscal laws;

-with corporate membership in place, it is easy to rotate individual members of your firm (max 2) when they want to join an IFA event.